Repair and Restoration of Your Windows

Repair and Restoration of Your Windows 

We all know that if a window or its glass are damaged then to restore the integrity of the structure we need to repair it as soon as we can.

Glaziers are committed to helping our customers, both private and industrial to get the best energy performance from their windows and doors. However, having entirely new energy effective windows and doors can be very pricey so there is more interest than ever in repairing old windows to save both cost and energy.

Significant heat loss

The older windows and doors are the more heat they can let get away and the less energy efficient they become. In summer season they let in the heat and in the winter season they let it out. To check how energy effective your windows are you can begin by examining air infiltration or leakage. If your windows do not fit flush to the frames then they will not be energy effective.

Repairing Air Leaks

You can correct air leakages quite cheaply with making use of some weather condition removing and some caulk. The weather stripping will be applied around the window and the caulk will fill any spaces. This solution should spend for itself within a year.

Block it out

Dressing your windows with blinds, shutters, shades and heavy-duty drapes will also enable you to keep heat loss around windows to a minimum.

Window Film

The use of window films is another simple to apply option for decreasing energy loss and will also protect the curtains and soft providing in your rooms from the fading that UV rays from sunlight causes. They will normally be made from polyester or plastic to be used by the homeowner or by a professional, if you prefer. Reflective window films include a metal oxide finishing that will obstruct sunshine and are extremely effective at conserving energy within your home.

Window repair

Older windows that are draughty, that droop or are stiff to open and close will usually be the victim of bad upkeep instead of bad workmanship. Older windows will often be made from wood and will last for hundreds of years if they re appropriately maintained every decade or so. Ask us how this can be done.

Glass repair work

Depending what the underlying reason for your window issues are you will be much better to call on the services of a glass repair specialist, specifically if your windows are old or are in a listed building.

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