Boost in Sash Window break-ins

Boost in Sash Window break-ins

There is a growing wave of sash window thefts. Burglaries offences are falling in this area but there have been an increased number via sash windows.

The factor sash windows get targeted is because basic windows only have very standard latches. Try to find yourself, you can most likely stand out side your sash window and slide a putty knife or butter knife in between the two sashes. As soon as the lock is unhooked, both sashes move open!

Sash windows can be made more safe.

Old wooden ones can have locks fitted which limit the travel of the sash, others clamp the two together, or you can get magnetic ones (called Sashminder) which have an auto locking mechanism, suitable for vulnerable lower sashes.

Some people think uPVC sash windows give much better security, basic ones don’t unless they have the enhanced security choices required to abide by the cops “protected by design” requirements. Numerous uPVC sash windows have really standard locks, frequently the screws repairing the “keep” portion of the latch, is only screwed into the glazing bead, any force implies the bead pops out providing no security at all!

Remember burglarers tend to be opportunists, they do not want to be seen and wont hang around unless they think they feel great.

Make your home as safe and secure as you can, don’t make it simple for them. Padlock gates, make certain the security lights are working and illuminate the quiet corners of your property, especially at the rear far from the hectic street. Keep windows and doors locked, not simply pulled too, locked.

Install noticeable deterrents, alarms, camera’s and neighbourhood watch signs and lock away garden tools like spades. Many robbers will not bring break-in tools, they choose to use yours! Lock anything that could be used as a crowbar, or step ladders and so on

. And lastly, conceal your belongings from being seen, if they can not see your laptop computer, secrets or wallet within simple reach, they will be more inclined to try next door, however warn your neighbours too!

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