The Advantages of Trickle Vents: Fitted Ventilation for Windows

Installed as part of the window unit, drip ventilators can supply your house with continuous, unobtrusive and protected background ventilation.

The importance of background ventilation

In the last few years, a drive to offer thermal comfort and boost energy performance has actually seen residential residences progressing sealed than ever before.

However as houses are made more airtight, internal pollutants can have a higher impact on indoor air quality. If these contaminants can not get away, the health of those living in a house might be at risk.

Effective background ventilation is required to offer a healthy and comfy internal environment for the residents of a house.

What are Trickle ventilators?

Trickle ventilators (or trickle vents) offer this effective background ventilation for a house, contributing to a healthy living environment by enabling inconspicuous and controllable whole-room ventilation.

They are situated at the top of windows and can be easily adjusted through the use of cables, rods or simply by hand.

The benefits of installing trickle ventilators:

  • Cleaner air for your home
  • Attending to efficient background ventilation in your home may help to minimise the seriousness of illness such as those brought on by respiratory ailments like asthma. It can likewise assist to manage background air levels of contaminants such as carbon monoxide gas and carbon dioxide in your house.


Drip ventilators allow continuous ventilation while a windows is closed and/or locked, and their setup footprint does not make it possible for invasion into a property.

24-hour operation

Even in the evening and while you are away on holiday, trickle ventilators can still operate to supply background ventilation to your house.

Noise reduction

Drip ventilators supply ventilation without the requirement to open windows, reducing noise levels as a consequence. In noisier locations, such as near a hectic roadway or an airport, acoustic choices are also offered.

Condensation reduction

Some houses may have an existing issue with condensation, especially in colder weather. Fitting windows with suitable trickle ventilation may improve the condensation problem, and could potentially decrease ensuing mould growth and internal surface damage.

Cost effective

Drip ventilators represent the most affordable expense route for provision of background ventilation without the need for air bricks and sustain no continuous electricity costs.

Are trickle ventilators obligatory?

When changing a window, installing a drip ventilator is not compulsory unless the existing window has one. If it does, the brand-new trickle ventilator needs to offer at least the exact same performance as the existing vent.

However even if the existing window does not have a drip ventilator, it is advised to consider installing one when changing it.

Trickle vent designs

Drip ventilators can be fitted with all window framing products including PVC-u, lumber, steel and aluminium.

Through frame design

A through frame drip vent style is frequently placed through the top of the frame. The drip vent is integrated into the frame itself.

Over frame style

An over the frame design is used when it is not possible to fit the drip vent through the frame. The drip vent makes provision for the ventilation to be routed over the frame or head of the window.

Glazed in

The drip vent is fitted into the glazed location along the top of the sealed glass.

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